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3 False Flags In 30 Days! YouTube Or Human?

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3 False Flags In 30 Days! YouTube Or Human?

3 False Flags In 30 Days! YouTube Or Human?

My gameplay channel just got another Community Guidelines Strike and it was the third one in less than 30 days.

The #CommunityGuidelinesStrike was for spamming and deceptive content but there was nothing deceptive and I wasn't spamming anything in my gameplay videos.

The Community Guidelines Strike also said something about putting tags in the description of my gameplay videos which I've never done in any of my videos.

For the third time in 30 days, this Community Guidelines Strike was the result of False Flag or #FalseFlagging and I'm not sure if it's YouTube that's doing the False Flagging automatically or if it was done by a human being.

Anyway, I immediately appeared the Community Guidelines Strike, it was immediately reviewed by YouTube and the Strike on my #gameplaychannel was removed.

Still, the question of whether it was YouTube's system that flagged the videos or was it a human being who did the false flagging, remains unanswered.

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