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CHAMPIONS OF REGNUM • Where Is The Screenshot Folder?

CHAMPIONS OF REGNUM • Where Is The Screenshot Folder?

CHAMPIONS OF REGNUM • Where Is The Screenshot Folder?

Where is the screenshot folder of Champions of Regnum? After finishing the Forest Goblins Quest, I traveled east to the Ulren Asir Village.

In the Ulren Asir Village, I spoke with Elusil and accepted a quest from her. Her quest was to find Syba and give her the Fire Potion.

While traveling to where Syba was located, I found a statue called Cupid's Statue along the way. I wanted to take a screenshot of the statue but I didn't know how.

Pressing the Print Screen key displayed a message that said, "Screenshot Saved" but I didn't say where it was saved.

I did a google search for "champions of regnum screenshot folder" and it took me to the game's official forum but I didn't find any useful information.

Later, I learned that pressing the Print Screen key saved the Screenshot in my Steam Screenshot Folder and that was where I found the screenshots I took of the Cupid's Statue.

Oh, I also found Syba, gave her the Fire Potion, burned four Wasp Hives, went back to Ulren Asir Village and finished my adventure by speaking again to Elusil.

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