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Crafting King Salmon Trophy • SHROUD OF THE AVATAR R60 (FREE-TO-PLAY)

Crafting King Salmon Trophy • SHROUD OF THE AVATAR R60 (FREE-TO-PLAY)

Crafting a King Salmon Trophy in Shroud of the Avatar Release 60. A highlight from one of my Livestreams in my Twitch Channel.

In this short clip, I crafted a King Salmon Trophy. the ingredients or materials needed to craft a King Salmon Trophy are the following:

1 King Salmon
5 Wooden Board
5 Wax
5 Curing Salt

I crafted two King Salmon Trophy because I had two King Salmons and I had more than enough materials/crafting fuels.

After crafting the two King Salmon Trophies, I went to my Greenhouse Rowhouse along the coast of Bladewyke and mounted them on the wall of my Greenhouse Rowhouse like a decoration.

The King Salmon Trophy is a very nice looking decoration and you can easily get one by fishing and catching a King Salmon in New Britannia.

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