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VAW ELITE In Second Life, 5PM SLT (10/13/2018) • BAD Second Match

VAW ELITE In Second Life, 5PM SLT (10/13/2018) • BAD Second Match

VAW ELITE In Second Life, 5PM SLT (10/13/2018) • BAD Second Match

In this #livestream of VAW ELITE in Second Life that happened in the VAW Arena at around 5PM SLT on 10/13/2018, the show started with a match between Nick Casavantes and Jay Alexander Frost who was accompanied by Gina Rose.

Jay Alexander Frost faced Nick Casavantes in VAW ELITE

It was followed by a match between Phil the Grave Bowler and Malaki. This match was a terrible match, in my opinion, and it's not because of anything Second Life related.

Malaki faced Phil the Grave Bowler in a BAD Match! T_T

Next match was betwee Carmen and Nikki Riley. This match was 10 times better than the previous match. Great performance by both ladies.

Nikki Riley and Carmen faced off in a very good match!

The main event of the evening was between Pasta Lopez and Kairee Paramour. This was another good match but it had an unexpected ending.

Kairee Paramour tangled with Pasta Lopez in a match that ended unexpectedly!

In any case, to find out what actually happened in all the matches, simply watch the entire video.

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