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VAW ELITE By Virtual Attitude Wrestling In Second Life (10/6/2018) • PASTA vs TURBO

VAW ELITE By Virtual Attitude Wrestling In Second Life (10/6/2018) • PASTA vs TURBO

VAW ELITE By Virtual Attitude Wrestling In Second Life (10/6/2018) • PASTA vs TURBO

#LIVESTREAM • VAW ELITE By Virtual Attitude Wrestling In Second Life (10/6/2018) and, in this episode of VAW Elite, I started the Livestream by listening to VAW's official commentators in the VAW Arena, Henry Parker and Gary Violet.

Henry Parker and Gary Violet

The show opened with Phil addressing the crowd and delivering a message to Jay Alexander Frost.

The first match of the evening was between Dorian Bourne and Phil the Grave Bowler. I'm still not sure if that is Bowler or something else. Reading fancy text is hard. LOL!

After the first match, it was followed by a confrontation between Victory and Carmen. It was not a physical confrontation but a verbal one.

VAW Carmen

The second match of the night was between Mike Romo and Nick Casavantes. I like Mike Romo because he was using a Classic Avatar. He he he!

Next we had an appearance by Jay Alexander Frost. He gave his respond or reply to what Phil said earlier but I had to turn off the volume because of the "F" bombs.

VAW Jay Alexander Frost

I've already gotten a community strike for the word "nak*d" on my other channel. I'm afraid of getting one for the "F" word in this channel too. LOL!

After the promo, Jay Alexander Frost was surprised to learn that Gina Rose was facing Big Bethany in a match. Big Bethany loves to dance.

For the main event of the evening, Mr. Spaghetti, Pasta Lopez, had a match against Mr. Laggy Pants, Bert Turbo.

Mr. Laggy Pants, Bert Turbo

Also, during the show, a DCWF commentator joined Henry Parker and Gary Violet in the Broadcast Table.

I know, I didn't mention the results of the matches but you can find that out by simply watching the entire video. Enjoy!

VAW Phil the Grave Bowler

People from DCWF?

Other Avatars who were covering the show!

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