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Where To Buy A Player Vendor In New Britannia?

Where To Buy A Player Vendor In New Britannia?

Where To Buy A Player Vendor In New Britannia!

Buying a Player Vendor in New Britannia is easy. All you have to do is find a Housing NPC Merchant and buy one from it.

You will find a Housing NPC Merchant in all NPC Towns and Player Run Towns. You might also find a Housing NPC Merchant in some, if not most, Player Owned Towns.

Buying a Player Vendor from a Housing NPC Merchant will cost you 20,000 Game Gold and the Player Vendor you will get is NON-COMMISSION FREE.

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Remember, a Non-Commission Free Player Vendor will charge you a 10% commission on each sale plus 10 Game Gold and that is why you will have to price your items for sale accordingly.

Just make sure you are pricing your items enough to compensate for the commission or charges taken by a Non-Commission Free Player Vendor. If not then you might not get any profits from the items you are selling.

Oh, you can also buy a Player Vendor from other players and you might even get one at price much lower than 20,000 Game Gold.

By Kabalyero Kidd

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