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Is this TRUE? An exploit was used in the Grand Duke's Tournament? (Answered)

Is this TRUE? An exploit was used in the Grand Duke's Tournament?

Recently, I posted a question in the official Shroud of the Avatar Subreddit and the question I posted was, "Is this TRUE? An exploit was used in the Grand Duke's Tournament?"

The question was based on a claim made and posted by another player in the Blood Bay Citizen Discord Server which you can join by using this invite link →

Now, the question was crossposted and discussed heavily in another Shroud of the Avatar Subreddit. It was a very long discussion with over 60 comments posted.

After going through all the comments, I can agree that it may not be an exploit but it surely looks over powered and it might need some more balancing.

Of course, the question was eventually answered by someone in Travian Games saying, basically, that everything was working as intended so it was not an exploit.

So, since it's not an exploit, it's not a bug and it's working as intended then that means all PvPers are free to take advantage of it until it gets nerfed or re-balanced in the next release.

Anyway, have you guys used these new features in your recent PvP matches? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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