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Free Male Mesh Body Second Life • FREE EXMACHINA BENTO AVATAR

Free Male Mesh Body Second Life • FREE EXMACHINA BENTO AVATAR

Free Male Mesh Body Second Life • FREE EXMACHINA BENTO AVATAR

I did a livestream about this Free Male Mesh Body in Second Life a couple of days ago but that was 26 minutes long. This post is for those who don't want to watch a 26 minute video.

As I've said, a couple of days ago, I found another Free Male Mesh Body and this one is from EXMACHINA and it's called the EXMACHINA BENTO AVATAR.

It's 100% FREE and you can get it at the EXMACHINA store in Second Life. The link to the EXMACHINA Store in Second Life is:


This Free Male Mesh Body, the EXMACHINA BENTO AVATAR, is a very nice looking Mesh Body for Male Avatars in Second Life.

I like almost everything about it except for one thing and that is not having a HUD to control the body like turning parts of the body invisible.

The Free Altamura Max Bento Fullbody has a HUD that turns parts of the invisible and the same goes with the onupup MALE FREE SLUV BENTO FITMESH FULL AVATAR.

I'm not looking for a lot of features on the HUD but, having even the most basic ability of hiding or turning parts of the body invisible, would make the Free EXMACHINA BENTO AVATAR a hundred times better.

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Don't get me wrong, the Free EXMACHINA BENTO AVATAR is a nice looking Free Male Mesh Body but if you want to wear clothes on your Avatar then you might want to skip this one or maybe buy the none free version.

Of course, if you don't have the Linden Dollars to buy the none free version then try getting the Free Altamura Max Bento Fullbody avatar or mesh body found in Ajuda SL Brasil.

So guys, have any of you tried out wearing the Free EXMACHINA BENTO AVATAR? If have then where you able to wear clothes with it? Please post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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