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CUBRIKO, Fun And Challenging BUT??? (QUICK REVIEW)

CUBRIKO, Fun And Challenging BUT???

Last June 15, 2018, I played this FREE Mobile Game called CUBRIKO. It's a simple yet fun and challenging game but, it had one major problem, the game is infested with ADS.

I have no problems with ADS appearing in a Free Game specially in a Free Mobile Game but when the ADS appear almost every minute then it becomes annoying and takes away the FUN of the game.

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Honestly, CUBRIKO has the addictive appeal of a game like Flappy Bird. It's very simple, it's easy to play and it's the kind of game you'd want to play when you want to challenge yourself.

Unfortunately, because of the enormouse amount of ADS, it's also the kind of game you'd want to stay away from. Unless of course you're the kind of person who enjoys watching ADS on your phone.

If you don't enjoy seeing any kind of ADS on a Free Mobile Game or any game then you will not enjoy playing CUBRIKO.

Now, if the creators of CUBRIKO can heavily tone down the frequency of the ADS shown in the game then players might just enjoy playing it.

Anyway, if you are interested in giving CUBRIKO a try then you can download it for free in Google Play or CLICK HERE.

So, have you tried playing CUBRIKO? Where you annoyed by the frequency of the ADS shown by the game? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

If the YouTube video above won't work then see the Dailymotion video below. Thank you!

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