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In this channel, I've uploaded a lot of videos about WTFast like videos on how to use WTFast with a certain game or videos on how to get WTFast for free and a bunch of others.

The reason for that is simple, it's because WTFast works for me. Whenever I have connection issues with a game I'm playing, I would use WTFast and my connection issues are gone.

For example, in the game Shroud of the Avatar, there are times when my connection to the game is so bad, the game would disconnect me every few minutes. Sometimes, it won't even let me login.

This is when I use WTFast with Shroud of the Avatar. WTFast would reduce my ping by 50 ms, prevents Lag Spikes and Jitters and, best of all, it stabilizes my connection to the game allowing me to login and not have any disconnections while playing.

Shroud of the Avatar is not the only game I use WTFast, I also use it in other games like Fortnite, SMITE, Paladins and APB: Reloaded.

As you can see, for me, WTFast is very important specially with the game I play everyday, Shroud of the Avatar. Without it, I will have a hard time playing Shroud of the Avatar whenever my connection goes bonkers.

So guys, have you tried using WTFast when you're lagging or having connection issues with the online game you're playing? How was your experience using WTFast? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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