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The KLAN Comes To Shroud Of The Avatar

The KLAN Comes To Shroud Of The Avatar

The KLAN Comes To Shroud Of The Avatar

In Shroud of the Avatar's latest update, the developer of the game, Portalarium, added a new kind of enemy called the Atavists of Purity.

The Atavists of Purity are Native Novians who are not happy and are against the sudden coming of immigrant Outlanders to Novia.

Lead by the Luminous Atavist, they have vowed to rid Novia of immigrant Outlanders by ambushing them on the road.

There are also rumors that the Atavists of Purity is also planning on taking away the children of immigrant Outlanders from their parents.

The sad part of all this is the fact that more and more native Novians are joining their ranks and even calling themselves the Unifiers.

Right now, the villainous actions of the Atavists of Purity are confined within the Grunvald region.

So, if you are an Outlander travelling to Grunvald then always be on a lookout for an ambush and try not trust anyone you meet too much because it could mean your death!

Will the Atavists of Purity take over Novia? Are they also planning on building a wall between the Midmaer region and Grunvald region? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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