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Welcome To Beran's Reach, Home Of The Bear Tavern • Shroud Of The Avatar

Welcome To Beran's Reach, Home Of The Bear Tavern • Shroud Of The Avatar

Welcome To Beran's Reach, Home Of The Bear Tavern • Shroud Of The Avatar

Hey guys! Welcome to Beran's Reach, home of the Bear Tavern. Beran's Reach is a player owned town governed by Vallas Tellen and it's located just North of Central Brittany in the Regalis region between the West and East Sanctus Forest.

From here at the Entrance, you'll immediately see that Beran's Reach is a walled city but, even though it's a walled city, Beran's Reach is open to everyone.

Upon entering the gates of Beran's Reach, you'll be greeted by a Gustball Field and infront of the Gustball Field you'll find a row of NPC Merchants.

Facing North or right of the gates, you'll find a Village Lot with 3 Vendrs, the Banker NPC Building with the Banker inside and a row of Row Lots some of which are available to claim.

At the back you'll find the Meli and Patient Gamer House, an undecorated house on a Town Lot and along the way you'll find a Viking Stronghold House called the SilverGate Inn.

Also in that area, you'll find the Oracle Confirmatory and at least 6 Devotionals. The Devotional of Compassion, Courage, Honor, Sacrifice, Spirituality and Valor.

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Facing South and near the Oracle Confirmatory, you'll find a shrine dedicated to Beran, patron of Beran's Reach which is also located on the side wall of the famous Bear Tavern.

Now, at the South or left side of the gates, there is a row of Row Houses with Vendors and I believe this is the Market Area of Beran's Reach.

By the way, one of the Row Houses in this area is an Elven 4-Story Row House which is home to a few Snow People called the Snowmen Sanctuary. It is a shelter or home ot Homeless Snow People.

Just beside the Snowmen Sanctuary, is a Golden Ornate Greenhouse Row House placed on a Village Lot with a Vendor named Knights Watch Embassy.

From there you'll find the Magic NPC Building with the Magic NPC Merchant inside, a row of available Row Lots for you claim and two Gothic Village Inns that I believe are open to occupancy.

Right beside the two Gothic Inns, is the Light Emporium and the Dawn's Keep Sacred Brotherhood of the Light Headquarters. Somewhere near it, you'll find a Row House with a sign that says Friends of Iolo.

Also around that area, you'll find a Storefront 2-Story Row House housing The Managerie @ Beran's Reach and just a little bith to the right of it you'll find the Armor NPC Building.

Going back to the Managerie Row House, next to it you'll find the Beran's Reach Crafting Center. It's on a large lot with a large house on it and an Automaton for a Vendor.

From there you'll go back to the Row Houses of the Market Area where you'll find a few Vendors relaxing on the ground. Check them out because you might just find something that is worth buying.

Of course at the central area and right behind the Gustball Field is the famous BEAR TAVERN. Inside, you'll find a large area setup for gathering, eating and, of course, drinking.

There is a small stage for performances like maybe singing and dancing and a Bar with a tired Barkeeper where you can buy food and drinks for your friends.

The second level or second floor of the Bear Tavern is a lot more classier than the ground level with beautiful tables and chairs. There's also a small Library and a Church like Conference Area.

The third level has this open gathering area feel to it, there's also a large section with beds where you can take nap and rest your tired Avatar and a living or common area.

The fourth level has a creepy looking Darkstarr Metronome, from there you'll find the door that will take you to the roof of the house and climb another level where you can get an amazing view of the entire walled city of Beran's Reach.

Unfortunately, this is where I'll end my quick tour of Beran's Reach. If I missed any important locations then I apologize. Let me know in the comments section of any missed locations and I'll check it out the next time I visit Beran's Reach.

So guys, have you visited the player owned of Beran's Reach and have you had a drink in the famous Bear Tavern? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below and, as always, if you are lagging badly in Shroud of the Avatar or in any online games then I suggest you try using WTFast.

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