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The Kobold Kitchen Vendor, Locked Up Inside!

The Kobold Kitchen Vendor, Locked Up Inside!

The Kobold Kitchen is a Kobold 2-Story Row House located in Oracle Oasis and it has a Player Vendor that sells all kinds of food.

From time to time, I would go to Oracle Oasis to simply buy some food from the Kobold Kitchen Vendor. Why? Because the food are great and they cost very little.

Today, when I went to the Kobold Kitchen in Oracle Oasis, I immediately notice something was missing and that something was the Kobold Kitchen Vendor.

At first, I thought, the Kobold Kitchen Vendor was missing because it hadn't loaded yet but after waiting for a minute, it was obvious that it was not there.

So, where did the Kobold Kitchen Vendor go? Well, after doing some really complex snooping, like looking inside the Row House through the window, I found the vendor inside the house.

With the Kobold Kitchen Vendor inside the Row House, buying from him is impossible and, yes, I tried opening the door to enter the Row House but it's locked.

This is a freaking emergency, with the Kobold Kitchen Vendor locked up inside the Row House, there is a strong chance that the whole of New Britannia will go hungry.

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If that happens then we will need to ask Lord British for help because only he can set the Kobold Kitchen Vendor FREE from this unfair and inhumane treatment!

So guys, are you okay with the Kobold Kitchen Vendor getting locked up inside the Row House where he works? Do we need to Lord British to save the Kobold Kitchen Vendor?

Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below and, as always, if you are lagging badly in Shroud of the Avatar or in any online games then I suggest you try using WTFast.

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