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Release 55! Get A POT Row Lot Deed For FREE!

Release 55! Get A POT Row Lot Deed For FREE!

Owning a House and a Lot in Shroud of the Avatar is a very big deal for almost everyone who plays the game and it starts with getting a Lot Deed.

Unfortunately, getting a Lot Deed in-game with Game Gold will take a lot of grinding or players can buy one from the Add-On Store and, sadly, most players don't want to do any of that.

They want to get a Lot Deed so they can have a house in New Britannia and they want it NOW. Not immediately and not as soon as possible but right freaking NOW only to leave the game and waste their newly claimed property.

Anyway, good news fellow Outlanders! In todays Release 54 Livestream, Portalarium clearly mentioned that all players who complete the Main Story Quest will receive a Non-Transferable POT Row Lot Deed as a Quest Reward.

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This amazing Main Story Quest Reward will be added in the game hopefully in Release 55 and, if I'm not mistaken, this Main Story Quest Reward is a retroactive reward.

Retroactive means, any player who already finished the Main Story Quest before Release 55 will just have to talk to the Oracle to get their Non-Transferable POT Row Lot Deed in the game.

Again, this new Main Story Quest Reward for finishing the entire Main Story Quest, will be added in, hopefully, Release 55 as mentioned in todays Release 54 Livestream.

This is a really great reward specially for those who already finished the Main Story Quest but still have yet to own a property in the game but, as always, not everyone is happy about it.

So, are you excited to get your FREE Non-Transferable POT Row Lot Deed in Release 55? What kind of Row House are you gonna place on it? Post your answers, comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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