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How To Get A LOT DEED, The Easiest Way • Shroud Of The Avatar 2018

How To Get A LOT DEED, The Easiest Way • Shroud Of The Avatar

How To Get A LOT DEED, The Easiest Way

by Kabalyero Kidd

Getting a house or owning a house in Shroud of the Avatar starts with a Lot Deed. Even if you have a beautiful house but if you don't have a Lot deed then your beautiful house is just another item in your inventory.

The easiest way of getting a Lot Deed in Shroud of the Avatar is by buying one from the Crown Merchants located in Ardoris, Resolute, Arie, Owl's Head and Central Brittany.

The currency used to buy items like Lot Deeds from the Crown Merchants is Gold Crowns of the Obsidians or Gold COTOs and you can buy Gold COTOs from other players with game gold or from the Add-On Store with Real Money.

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You can also get Gold COTOs as item drops or loot drops from hunting and gathering but the chance of getting one is super extremely rare.

Chris Spears, Tech Director of Portalarium, said a long time ago that he will increase the drop rate of Gold COTOs when it goes over 2000 Game Gold but that never happened.

By the way, Lot Deed sold by Crown Merchants are Player Owned Town Lot Deeds and that means you can only use them in Player Owned Towns. If you want to claim a lot in a Payer Run Town or NPC Town then you will need to use a different kind of Lot Deed but that is a discussion for another time.

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