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Make Money Playing Shroud of the Avatar

Make Money Playing Shroud of the Avatar

Shroud of the Avatar is a very interesting game because, like Entropia Universe and Second Life, you can make money in Shroud of the Avatar by selling in-game items to other players for US dollars.


Can you do that with Elder Scrolls Online or Black Desert Online or any other MMORPGs out there? Maybe you can but through third parties and it's usually done underground because it's not allowed by the publishers or developers of these other MMORPGs or games.


Shroud of the Avatar is very different from other MMORPGs because everything in the game is for sale. From Game Gold to crafting materials to rewards, pledges, artifacts and everything in between and you can sell them to other players for US dollars, Store Credits and even Gold Crowns of the Obsidians.

One of the most common item sold by players in Shroud of the Avatar is Game Gold and you can acquire Game Gold by simply playing the game. Currently, the price of Game Gold is averaging around $20 US dollars per 100000.

Obviously, the selling of Game Gold and other items in the game for US dollars is not considered an illegal activity because it's explicitly allowed by the developer of the game and that is Portalarium.

The only catch is this, you can only post your offers in the official Shroud of the Avatar Forum Player Marketplace. Posting your offers in other gaming communities might get your account banned or suspended.

So, if you are tired of playing MMORPGs that only know how to milk you of your hard earned money then why not turn it around and, instead of losing money, start making money by playing Shroud of the Avatar.

Getting Shroud of the Avatar will only cost you $40 US Dollars but it's a very small amount that you can easily earn back as soon as you start selling or trading with other players.

You can get Shroud of the Avatar from the official website or from STEAM.

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