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Live In A Massive Star Citizen Airship City Home In Shroud Of The Avatar

Live In A Massive Star Citizen Airship City Home In Shroud Of The Avatar

Hey guys! My name is Kabalyero and I just found out that Shroud of the Avatar is now selling a very massive floating house called the Star Citizen Airship City Home.

Live In A Massive Star Citizen Airship City Home In Shroud Of The Avatar

Wow! This Star Citizen Airship City Home is literally massive and it looks freaking awesome. According to its Add-On Store Page, this massive house will fit on a City Lot.

Seriously, just take a look at this screenshot to get a feel of just how massive or large this thing really is and, if you still can't see it then just compare the size of it to the size of the avatar standing under the airship.

Star Citizen Airship City Home

Having this massive thing as your home in Shroud of the Avatar will surely make you stand out from everyone else. It's like you saying to everyone, "hey look at me" and I'm sure everyone will notice you.

Unfortunately, this massive thing also comes with a massive price tag. If you have tons of cash and you are dying to get one of this massive airships then all you have to do is burn 400 US Dollars.

400 US Dollars

Also, as the name Star Citizen Airship City Home implies, it comes with a corresponding Starship from Star Citizen which is the Star Citizen Cutlass Black Starship. That is, if I understood the package or bundle correctly.

Star Citizen Cutlass Black Starship

In any case, 400 US Dollars is way beyond what I can afford in a game like Shroud of the Avatar and, honestly, if I have 400 US Dollars then I think I'd rather spend it on upgrading my computer but that's just me.

Again, if you are a massive fan of Shroud of the Avatar and you have extra cash to burn on this massive Star Citizen Airship City Home then you might want to check this thing out in the Add-On Store before it goes away.

So, did any of you guys purchased this massive Star Citizen Airship City Home? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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