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How I Got The Paid Steam Game, Shiplord, For FREE?

How I Got The Paid Steam Game, Shiplord, For FREE

Today, I got a Paid Steam Game for free and it's called Shiplord and I got it from VG24/7.

How I Got The Paid Steam Game, Shiplord, For FREE

According to the game's Steam Store Page, Shiplord is a space avoider mixed with interesting boss fights and breathtaking visuals with a reward system to take your skill to another level.

Steam Store Page

Based on that description of the game, Shiplord is NOT a space shooter because the ship in the game does not do any kind of shooting at all. All it does is avoid everything thrown at it. Hence the label space avoider.

Shiplord also has a somewhat mixed review rating in Steam and that means some people like it and some people don't but, at least, it's not a negative rating. It will also cost you around $3 US Dollars to buy Shiplord in Steam.

As I've said in the beginning, I got this Paid Steam Game, Shiplord, for free from a giveaway by VG24/7. All I did is enter my e-mail address and I got myself a Steam Key for Shiplord for FREE.

Steam Key for Shiplord for FREE

As you can see from this screenshot, the Paid Steam Game, Shiplord, is now in Steam Library and it's just waiting for me to install and play it.

Shiplord, is now in Steam Library

You'll also see that I was not interested in getting or buying Shiplord in Steam but getting it for free is an entirely different matter because I did not pay for it.

Now, as of the recording of this video, VG24/7 is giving away 100,000 Shiplord Steam Keys for free and, to get one, just go to the giveaway page and enter your e-mail address but you need to hurry because those Shiplord Steam Keys will not last forever.

VG24/7 is giving away 100,000 Shiplord Steam Keys for free

Now, if you missed getting a key from this particular VG24/7 Shiplord Steam Key giveaway then please don't get mad at me and please don't dislike this video because it wasn't my fault if you didn't get one.

Anyway, the link to the VG24/7 Shiplord Steam Key Giveaway is in the description of this video. So go and get yourself a free copy of Shiplord in Steam before its too late.

So, were you able to get a free Shiplord Steam Key from VG24/7? Post your answer as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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