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Bad Day At The Train Station In Special Force 2 SEA (Gamer's Log)

Bad Day At The Train Station In Special Force 2 SEA (Gamer's Log)

I had a terrible time at the Train Station in Special Force 2 SEA. It was terrible because I didn't even get a single kill in this particular match.

Bad Day At The Train Station In Special Force 2 SEA (Gamer's Log)

When I entered or joined the match, the opposing team was ahead by only 2 wins. I had my K3 Maching Gun equipped and I was ready to spray everyone and everything with bullets.

Unfortunately, instead of me spraying bullets, I was the one getting sprayed on. I was having a hard time hitting and killing anyone and that was because of my terrible aim.

Besides my terrible aim, members of the opposing team had this uncanny ability of killing quickly. For example, in one sequence, I was simply crossing to the other side of the station when I suddenly died.

I didn't even see who killed me because I was too busy running towards the door of the next building. The only thing that I saw was RED before going down to die.

Sadly, my team mates were also having a hard time dealing with the opposing team. My team and I were so bad that the match ended with the opposing team ahead by 8 wins and that means my team only won twice.

Anyway, even though I died a lot and didn't even get a single kill, I still had a great time playing in the match. The only thing that I didn't like in the match was the fact that I got zero experience points from it.

So, are any of you as bad as me when it comes to first-person shooting games like Special Force 2? Post your answer as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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