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World Boss Monster And Item Enhancement Exploits ★ Tree Of Savior

World Boss Monster And Item Enhancement Exploits ★ Tree Of Savior

Hey guys! Recently, Tree of Savior posted something about exploiting the World Boss Monster and the Item Enhancement in the game.

World Boss Monster And Item Enhancement Exploits ★ Tree Of Savior

According to the post and I quote, "There have been numerous reports through various channels telling us about possible exploits that allow players to abuse the World Boss Monster and Item Enhancement mechanics."

Wow! I have no idea something major like this is currently happening in Tree of Savior. Exploits are never good in any game because they create an imbalance and can even destroy the in-game economy of the game.

Fortunately, Tree of Savior is already looking into this problem and hopefully it can resolve it immediately without resorting to rollbacks, item wipes or temporary server shutdowns.

For us players, what we can do is not get tempted in using these exploits because we're just going to add to the problem and if you have any information that can help fix this problem quicker then don't hesitate to report it to Tree of Savior.

I know I'm just a casual player of Tree of Savior but I have never liked any kind of exploits or cheats get into any of the games that I play like Tree of Savior.

So, are you familiar with this particular exploit in Tree of Savior? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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