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Two-Faced YouTubers ★ Hiding Inside Themselves, LOL

Two-Faced YouTubers ★ Hiding Inside Themselves, LOL

Hey guys! Welcome back! My name is Kabalyero and I want to share to you guys this thing that I like to call Two-Faced YouTubers.

Two-Faced YouTubers ★ Hiding Inside Themselves, LOL

I love getting comments because they add to my YouTube Channel's interaction or engagement and that is awesome. Good or bad comments, it doesn't matter because YouTube doesn't care about that. The same goes with Likes and Dislikes.

Going back to the topic of Two-Faced YouTubers, sometimes I get really negative, hateful, trollish and even accusatory comments from other YouTubers and, guess what, that is not the problem.

The problem I have with these YouTubers is that when I went to their YouTube channels and watched their videos, they seemed like nice and friendly people which was mind boggling because it didn't show from their comments.

Here is one example. As you can see, he was just basically hating but, when I checked out his channel, he seemed like a nice person but, based on his comment, he was more like just another Internet Troll. So which is it?

he seemed like a nice person

Are these YouTubers really nice and friendly people or are they Two-Faced YouTubers who are just acting nice and friendly on their own channels and videos to get viewers and subscribers but deep inside are not?

So, what are your thoughts about this kind of behaviour by other YouTubers? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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