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League Of Legends + WTFast Hongkong 5 Server ★ Stable In-Game Ping 266 ms (Gamer's Log)

League Of Legends + WTFast Hongkong 5 Server ★ Stable In-Game Ping 266 ms (Gamer's Log)

Three days ago, I played League Of Legends and used WTFast to connect to the game and I got a stable in-game ping of 266 ms.

League Of Legends + WTFast Hongkong 5 Server ★ Stable In-Game Ping 266 ms (Gamer's Log)

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So, League Of Legends is a very popular MOBA and it's a game I don't really play because I'm not good at playing it but I did play it recently just to see how WTFast will improve my in-game ping.

For this particular League Of Legends gameplay, I used WTFast to connect to the game and the WTFast server that I selected was Hongkong 5 because it had the lowest ping in the list of WTFast servers.

Unfortunately, it didn't lower my ping because, without WTFast, my League Of Legends in-game ping jumps around 250 to 280 ms but it did give me a stable 266 ms.

I call it stable because it didn't fluctuate too much nor did it fluctuate badly. My League Of Legends in-game ping for this particular game stayed at 266 to 267 ms.

It's higher than 250 ms but it was lower than 280 ms and it's freaking stable. To me, that is definitely an improvement because you don't want your ping fluctuating badly during heavy encounters with enemy champions.

Now, as for the game, I used Varus because he was free to newbies and he looks kinda cool even though I have no idea how to use him.

Fortunately, my team mates were good at playing League Of Legends and they carried me and the entire team to victory. It was a fun game and it was double the fun because of my stable in-game ping of 266 ms thanks to WTFast.

So guys, if any of you are interested in watching the full gameplay video of this League Of Legends match then you can by watching it below.

So guys, for those who are still watching this video, are any of you using WTFast when playing League Of Legends? Share your experience with WTFast and League Of Legends as well as you comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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