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YouTube Subscriber Shoutout ★ Flyerbek ★ Join Curse Network

YouTube Subscriber Shoutout ★ Flyerbek ★ Join Curse Network

Hey guys! My name is Kabalyero and I want to give a big shoutout to one of my biggest YouTube Subscriber and that is Flyerbek.

YouTube Subscriber Shoutout ★ Flyerbek ★ Join Curse Network

With over 20,000 subscribers, Flyerbek is one of my biggest YouTube subscriber and his YouTube channel has one of the most eye-catching video thumbnails I've ever seen.

Flyerbek's YouTube Channel

Just take a look at those thumbnails. Those video thumbnails are saying something like "come take a look at me and watch me" and I'm sure it's working really, really great.

Flyerbek has gameplay videos of League Of Legends. I've only seen a few videos but I think all of them are League Of Legend gameplay videos.

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So, if you are a League Of Legends fan and you want to see amazing League Of Legends gameplays then you should definitely check out Flyerbek's YouTube Channel.

As a YouTube Channel, I think Flyerbek is partnered with Curse Network or Union For Gamers. If you also have a YouTube Gaming Channel with at least over 1,000 subscribers then I suggest you partner with Curse Network.

Join Curse Network

Curse Network offers a very high starting Revenue Share of 90% which means you'll get more money from your YouTube Gaming Videos than with other YouTube Networks.

Join Curse Network

Of course, having a high revenue share is not the only feature Curse Network offers and you can learn more about those offers and features from Curse Network's official website.

So guys, have you checked out Flyerbek's YouTube Channel? If you are then what do you think of it? Share your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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