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Star Trek Alien Domain ★ To Return Home To Earth

When Starfleet sent me and my crew to investigate some kind of anomaly somewhere in the Alpha Quadrant, I was not expecting any kind of hostile encounters but, boy, was I wrong.

Star Trek Alien Domain ★ To Return Home To Earth

When we got to our destination and started our investigation, we were immediately attacked by a not so friendly alien race known as Species 8472.

The Federation knows about Species 8472 from Voyagers encounters with them in the Delta Quadrant. We thought we were prepared but we were dead wrong.

None of our nanoprobe warheads had any effect against the Bioship that attacked us and that lead to our ship getting sucked into Fluidic Space together with the Bioship.

Stucked in Fluidic Space with no way of returning to normal space, we almost lost all our hope but, thanks to Jenny Snow who immediately contacted us, we learned that we are not alone in Fluidic Space.

With her guidance and support from the Federation HQ, we were able to establish a base in one of the many planetoids in Fluidic Space and now, me and my crew are ready to take on all and any missions, fight all and any kind of creatures and colonize all and any planets in Fluidic Space if that will move us closer to our goal of getting back home to Earth.

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