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DOOM 2016 And Battleborn Giveaway ★ By Indie Kings

DOOM 2016 And Battleborn Giveaway ★ By Indie Kings

► Hey guys! My name is Kabalyero and I just recently join this awesome DOOM 2016 and Battleborn giveaway by Indie Kings.

DOOM 2016 And Battleborn Giveaway ★ By Indie Kings

I'm not really that familiar with Indie Kings but I still joined and submitted my entries in this DOOM 2016 and Battleborn giveaway because I really want to win both games.

As of the recording of this video, Indie Kings is giving away 3 copies of DOOM 2016 and 3 copies of Battleborn to a few very lucky gamers.

If you guys are also interested in getting a chance to win a copy of DOOM 2016 and Battleborn then you'll still have at least 30 days to join this giveaway by Indie Kings.

Battleborn + Firstborn DLC DOOM 2016

Just go to the website of Indie Kings, look for the link named Giveaway: DOOM & Battleborn Deals of the Dead, click on the link to open the page and submit your entries in the 2 Gleam Giveaway widget found on the page.

Currently, DOOM 2016 cost about 60 US Dollars in STEAM and Battleborn cost about 40 US Dollars in Amazon. So, winning a copy of either games will save me and you a lot of money.

► Anyway guys, click here to DOOM 2016 and Battleborn Giveaway by Indie Kings.

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