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Tree Of Savior ★ Philippines, Are You Ready To Rock And Roll?

Hey guys, welcome back! My name is Kabalyero and let me ask you this question, when it comes to Tree Of Savior, Philippines are you ready to rock and roll?

Tree Of Savior ★ Philippines, Are You Ready To Rock And Roll?

For those of you who don't know, Tree Of Savior has already launched in STEAM but for now, the game is only open to those who bought Founders Server Exclusive Access.

If you are like me who didn't buy a Founders Server Exclusive Access then we'll have to wait until April 28, 2016 to play the game for FREE!

Now, as for my earlier question, Philippines are you ready to Rock and Roll in Tree Of Savior? What I mean is, have you already downloaded and installed the game in STEAM?

If not then what are you still doing? Go and download and install the game now so you will ready to Rock and Roll as soon as the Free-To-Play servers go online on April 28, 2016.

Remember, Tree Of Savior is FREE and players from the Philippines are currently not IP blocked nor country blocked from accessing and playing the game.

Now, for those who are already playing the game and are experiencing terrible lag, try using WTFast to help reduce your lag.

WTFast is not free but it has a 14 days free trial giving you enough time to see if WTFast works for you. You can download WTFast from it's official website.

Please watch the video version of this blog post below. Thank you! ^_^

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