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League Of Angels 2 ★ Chapter 1 Lunar Temple Complete ★ Gamer's Log, Game Date 4.2.2016

Hey guys, my name is Kabalyero and welcome back to another Gamer's Log. It's for Game Date 4.2.2016 and I completed Chapter 1 Lunar Temple of League Of Angels 2.

League Of Angels 2 ★ Chapter 1 Lunar Temple Complete ★ Gamer's Log, Game Date 4.2.2016

The last time I played League Of Angels 2, I started going through Chapter 1 Lunar Temple but I stopped playing half-way through the map.

The next time I played League Of Angels 2, I continued going through Chapter 1 Lunar Temple and the first hero my team and I fought and defeated was Glacia.

Glacia was an Epic Hero who can summon a blizzard that can deal 149%+50 damage to all enemies and she is also Mikaela's twin sister.

The next hero my team fought and defeated was The Judge but before fighting the The Judge a new hero, named Augustine, joined my team.

With Augustine's help, we were successful in defeating The Judge who was not really that strong. We also learned that The Judge was also affected by the influence of Might Of Valor.

After beating The Judge, my team and I faced a new hero named Adolf who was an Epic Hero that can summon a pool of blood that can deal a ton of damage to a single enemy.

Next hero we fought and defeated was Nicole. She was a mermaid on land and floating in the air. How she was doing it? I have no idea. Nicole had the ability to heal but her ability didn't heal her fast enough.

Pandora was the next hero my team and fought and defeated. She was a Legendary Hero that deals a great amount of damage.

After Pandora, we fought and defeated Hela. Another Legendary Hero who can summon demons from hell that can deal huge amount of damage.

Of course, the last one was the Harpy Queen. I'm not sure if she was a Hero or not but she was definitely the final boss of the first Chapter. Fortunately, defeating her was easy.

So, that was it for Chapter 1 Lunar Temple. The next time I play the game, I'll be going through a new map and a new chapter so watch out for that.

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