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Pocket MapleStory SEA ★ Awakening Of Kaiser & Test Or Torment

In my recent Pocket MapleStory SEA gameplay / let's play video, I completed a few quests like Awakening Of Kaiser and Test Or Torment. My character also got killed or died for the first time in the game.

The quest, Awakening Of Kaiser was given to my character by Cartalion and it's for my character's 1st Job Advancement. To complete this quest, I had hunt down a total of 8 Amethyst Tokkas that are found at Radiant Rock Forest.

So, using the instant teleportation feature of the game, my character instantly arrived at the location where Amethyst Tokkas are found and this location is the Radiant Rock Forest.

At the Radiant Rock Forest, I immediately started hunting down 8 Amethyst Tokkas to complete the Awakening Of Kaiser quest but, before completing the quest, my character died once because I was not paying attention to his HP.

Completing the Awakening Of Kaiser quest rewarded my character with 192 Exp and Nova's Essence.

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The next quest after the Awakening Of Kaiser was The Best We Can quest. It was a very easy and simple quest and all I did to complete this quest was talked to Anor.

The Best We Can quest rewarded my character with 96 Exp and 190 Mesos.

The quest after The Best We Can was called Test Or Torment. In this quest, Anor asked me to collect at least 8 Grumpy Grobbler Stalk from Grumpy Grobblers as a favor to him.

These Grumpy Grobblers are located at the Grumpy Grobbler's Habitat. Completing this quest rewarded my character with 204 Exp, 276 Mesos and a Brown Lorica Bottoms which is basically a pair of pants.

Anyway guys, check out my full Pocket MapleStory gameplay video for this blog post below. Thank you.

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