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League Of Angels 2 ★ Chapter 2 Misty Forest Complete ★ Alzurak Went Down

In League Of Angels 2, I went through the second half of Chapter 2 Misty Forest and fought and defeated a bunch of new Heroes that ended with the defeat of Alzurak.

League Of Angels 2 ★ Chapter 2 Misty Forest Complete ★ Alzurak Went Down

League Of Angels 2 is a very rinse and repeat kind of game but, even though it's like that, I still kinda like to play it. How long will I play it? That is the question.

Anyway, continuing with the second half of Chapter 2 Misty Forest, my Heroes faced a few more Heroes before fighting the Final Boss, Alzurak.

The Heroes or Enemies my Team faced were the following:
  • Bone Dragon is literally a dragon made up of bones which makes it some kind of an Undead Dragon too. This Bone Dragon also emits purple smoke that matches its purple colored wings.
  • Edward is an Epic Hero and he is a member of the Midas faction. He has a high DR which makes him a strong tank and has the ability to stun his targets.
  • Skoll is a very weak wolfman-like monster but he looks really cool. He wields a dual-axe and he has this awesome attack called the Redrum.
  • Carl is a member of the Midas faction and he is also an Epic Hero. As an attacker, Carl deals huge amounts of damage to a single enemy.
  • Flora is a fairy-like Legendary Hero under the Midas faction and, just like Nicole, Flora is a healer that heals mostly team members who has the lowest HP.
  • Augustine is a Celestial Epic Hero who is also on my team but my team had to fight his Bad Clone and defeated it.
  • Alzurak is the Final Boss of Chapter 2 Misty Forest. He is a dragon, he is big, dark and he died quickly. He was killed by Mikaela's Purgatory attack.
That was Chapter 2 Misty Forest and, next time, I'm going through Chapter 3 The Elven Ruins.

In any case, please watch my full League Of Angels 2 gameplay video for this blog post below. Thank you.

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