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League Of Angels 2 ★ First Time Playing ★ Gamer's Log, Game Date 4.1.2016

Gamer's Log, Game Date 4.1.2016 - I played League Of Angels 2 for the very first time.

Watch the video version of this Gamer's Log below:

One of the new games I played recently was League Of Angels 2. It's a free-to-play browser based MMORPG published by GTArcade in the SEA Region.

Since it was my first time playing the League Of Angels 2, the game started with an opening combat scene involving two epic heroes fighting a Molten Giant.

Opening combat scene involving two epic heroes fighting a Molten Giant

After that, I created a male character for the game and named him Kabalyero. Unfortunately, the game didn't have any kind of character customization which means I'm stuck with the default character appearance.

In the game, I got my first two Epic Heroes and they were Karen and Mikaela and I got them through a process called Hero Summoning. Fortunately, both Epic Heroes were High Damaging heroes and that is great for combat.

Created a male character for the game and named him Kabalyero.

Speaking of combat, the first Hero my team fought and dispatched was Elaine and she has the ability to summon a volcano that deals a ton of damage to all enemies.

After beating Elaine, our next challenge was a Black Dragon but this Black Dragon was no match against Karen and Mikaela's destructive powers.

The next Hero my team faced was Breenda and she has the ability to shoot magic arrows that can deal a lot of damage to a single target but she was still defeated by my team.

Okay so, that was my first time playing League Of Angels 2 and if this video got you interested in the game and you want to learn more then simply go to its official website (

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Watch the full League Of Angels 2 gameplay video for this Gamer's Log below:

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