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$23.91 USD Received From Second Life

Koolet Peros in a comment said and I quote "the tutorial is so lame :/ my question is this, how to run dota 2 in wtfast manually". He thinks my tutorial is lame but he still wants me to help him with his question. Is he freaking serious?

Recently, I received $23.91 USD From Second Life. I received the payment a few days ago and it was sent to my PayPal account.

$23.91 USD Received From Second Life

Second Life is a 3D Virtual World where you can do almost anything you can imagine and even make real money by simply doing a few activities like selling things you created in the Marketplace and doing various jobs in-world.

Of course, you don't directly make real money. The money you make in Second Life is called Linden Dollars but, the amazing thing about Second Life is, you can exchange Linden Dollars into real money like US Dollars.

Unlike most virtual worlds, Second Life allows its users or residents to earn as much Linden Dollars they can in-world and exchange their Linden Dollars to real money in the official Linden Dollar Exchange.

After the exchange, users or residents can cash it out through their PayPal accounts and that is how I received $23.91 US Dollars in my PayPal account from Second Life.

My main source of Linden Dollars in Second Life is the Marketplace where I sell a few of the things I created in Second Life. (LINK: My Second Life Marketplace Store)

Now, if you are a creative person then you could probably make a lot of money creating and selling your creations in Second Life Marketplace.

Joining Second Life is free but it does have a somewhat steep learning curve. if you can get pass it then a lot of opportunities will open up to you. (LINK: Join Second Life)

So, do you guys know of any other virtual world or games like Second Life where you can make real money? If you do then please share your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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