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Gamer's Log, Game Date 3.16.2016 ★ Escorted Soldier Miguel To The Shamak Base In Trinium Wars

Gamer's Log, Game Date 3.16.2016 - I escorted a soldier named Miquel to the entrance of the Shamak Base in Trinium Wars.

Gamer's Log, Game Date 3.16.2016 ★ Escorted Soldier Miguel To The Shamak Base In Trinium Wars

In my latest Trinium Wars gameplay video, I did a quest called Infiltrate The Shamak Base and it was a quest given by a soldier named Miguel.

In this quest, Miguel needed someone to escort him to the Shamak Base because he is afraid that he'll get lost and won't get there if no one escorts him.

Now, escorting Miguel was not an easy job because, for some reason, he likes to run and stop along the way. Why he was doing that? I have no idea but it was kinda annoying.

Completing the quest rewarded me with 2 HP 600 Healing Potions, 110 EXP and 420 Gold.

Watch my full Trinium Wars gameplay video for this Gamer's Log below:

So guys, Trinium Wars is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi themed MMORPG and it's available in STEAM. If you are watching this video and it got you interested in Trinium Wars then go and check it out.

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Watch the video version of this Gamer's Log below:

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