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Dungeon Souls ★ A Rogue-Like Action-Adventure Game ★ Indie Game Spotlight

Today in Indie Game Spotlight I'm going to share to you guys a rogue-like action adventure game called Dungeon Souls.

Dungeon Souls ★ A Rogue-Like Action-Adventure Game ★ Indie Game Spotlight

So, what is Dungeon Souls? Well, according to it's STEAM Page and I quote, "Dungeon Souls is an action-adventure roguelike dungeon crawler which draws heavy inspiration from Nuclear Throne, Risk of Rain, and Overture."

Dungeon Souls In STEAM

I'm not a big fan of action-advanture games because I'm more of a role-playing game guy but I do enjoy playing games and I don't freaking care if I suck at it or not.

Now, I played Dungeon Souls for almost an hour and I can safely say that I enjoyed it. I was not good at playing it because I always die in the first Dungeon but who cares, I had fun playing it.

Anyway guys, if you are not familiar with Dungeon Souls but you are looking for an action-adventure game to play then check out Dungeon Souls.

By the way, this is not a review of the game. I'm going to do my review of Dungeon Souls after playing the game some more or after getting killed in Dungeon 1 a few more times.

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