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Phantasy Star Online 2 ★ The Ecology Of Dragorii ★ Fought Deegs, Sil Dinians & Others

Phantasy Star Online 2 The Ecology Of Dragorii Quest is an ARKS Quest from the Quest Counter. It's a quest to investigate the volcanic caves called the Cauldron in Planet Amduskia.

Phantasy Star Online 2 ★ The Ecology Of Dragorii ★ Fought Deegs, Sil Dinians & Others

My character started the quest by going to the Quest Counter Clerk. He chose the ARKS Quest in the menu or lists of Quest Type and chose The Ecology Of Dragorii Quest which is an investigation quest of the volcanic caves in Planet Amduskia.

At the volcanic caves called the Cauldron on Planet Amduskia, my character must defeat Dragorii hostiles like Deegs, Sil Dinians, Nordirans and others to get 100 quest points which is the main objective of the quest.

It was a long hard fight because my Character was not strong enough. The Ecology Of Dragorii quest was a Level 11 Quest but my Character was only Level 9 when he started the quest. Fortunately, there were weak Dragorii hostiles like the Deegs that gave my Character a few points.

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Of course, the big points were the Sil Dinians, Dinians and Nordirans but he was only able to fight Sil Dinians and Dinians. I don't remember my Character fighting a Nordiran which was great because it made the quest somewhat easier for him.

Also, at the end of the quest, my Character met a non-player female character named Ao who was a Deuman. I guess a Dueman is like a cross between a Human and a Demon? I'm not sure bu Ao addressed my Character as Senpai or Senior. Ao also said she was a newbie or new to ARKS.

Anyway, my Character completed the quest and was rewarded with 160 Meseta which was not a lot considering the high prices of items in Phantasy Star Online 2.

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