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Marvel Avengers Academy ★ Recruited Loki ★ Academy Is Now Level 3

Marvel Avengers Academy is an Academy Building game featuring our favorite Marvel Avengers Heroes and Villains like Loki.

Marvel Avengers Academy ★ Recruited Loki ★ Academy Is Now Level 3

In this blog post, I'm going to share to you my latest gameplay of Marvel Avengers Academy and it started with Pepper Potts speaking with Iron Man about the Wasp finding an immortal sorcerer to join the team in fighting Hydra.

Pepper Potts was talking about Thor's not-so-good brother, Loki. A quest called Asgardian Grudge was activated and tapping on Loki's face started the quest.

The first part of the quest was to Recruit Loki and, to recruit him, I had to Build The Academy Banner for him, Repair His Reputation and write him a Fake Apology.

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All the objectives that I needed to complete were completed by Iron Man and the Wasp. Iron Man repaired Loki's Reputation by deleting all of Loki's embarrassing pictures from the Internet and the Wasp wrote the Fake Apology for Loki.

After doing everything that Loki asked, he was true to his word and eventually joined the team and promised to help the team fight against Hydra. Now, recruiting Loki leveled up the Academy to Level 3 and unlocked a couple of new things in Marvel Avengers Academy.

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