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We Need Help Quest Completed In Fantasy Tales Online

We Need Help was the very first quest my character in Fantasy Tales Online accepted and completed. It was also a very, very, very easy quest to complete.

My character got the quest from an NPC named Hew. Hew told my character to find Folmar who was at the Weapon Store or Weapon Shop.

Moving my character around the game was very simple because the game uses the WASD keys to move and the Left Mouse Button for pointing.

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Fantasy Tales Online does not have an Auto-Pathing feature or function. I had to move my character around town manually to find Folmar and my character found Folmar inside the Weapon Shop just like what Hew said. Of course, because most NPCs don't move around. ☻

My character completed the We Need Help Quest by simply talking to Folmar. Completing the quest, my character was rewarded with a Training Sword.

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