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Created My First Character In Fantasy Tales Online

My first character in Fantasy Tales Online is a Brute and his name is Kabalyero. I also just created him today.

Fantasy Tales Online is a fantasy themed mmorpg or rpg with old-school style or retro-style graphics. The game is still development but it's already playable for free. I'm not sure if it's going to be free forever.

Fantasy Tales Online has a very easy and simple character creation process. All I did were gave my character a name, pick a head I like and choose a character class.

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Fantasy Tales Online has 3 character classes. I'm not sure if there are more or if there will be more but, as of this writing, there were only 3. The 3 character classes were Medic, Brute and Assassin.

The character class I selected for my character was Brute because it was the closest one to a Warrior class or Soldier class.

After selecting a character class, I completed the character creation process and entered the world of Fantasy Tales Online.

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