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Rest And Recovery Quest » New Medicine For Gwak Chil In Blade And Soul

Rest and Recovery is a quest involving Gwak Chil in Blade and Soul. Gwak Chil needs a new medicine and my character helped in its preparation.

Rest And Recovery Quest » New Medicine For Gwak Chil In Blade And Soul

My character spoke with Munwi at Bamboo Lookout where he learned about Gwak Chil's current condition. It seems that Gwak Chil was also hit with a poison arrow and now he needs a new medicine to counter-act the poison.

Munwi needed a few things to make the medicine for Gwak Chil and he asked my character to help him get them. Munwi's quest was called Rest and Recovery which means Rest and Recovery for Gwak Chil.

Anyway, to make the medicine, Munwi needed 5 Bulbari Herbs, 5 Herbal Neutralizers and 1 Herb String Bag. Fortunately, all of these things were available near Bamboo Lookout.

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To get the Bulbari Herbs, my character fought and killed Bulbari Foragers. To get the Herbal Neutralizers, my character fought and killed Blackram Guards. Lastly, to get the Herb String Bag, my character got one from a tent of logs near Bamboo Lookout.

My character delivered all of it to Munwi. Munwi created the medicine and my character gave the medicine to Gwak Chil. Gwak Chil was not very thrilled to the idea of taking in more medicine but he still took the medicine because my character took the time to get it for him.

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