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Aiding And Abeautifying Quest » Pearls For Paodo In Blade And Soul

Aiding and Abeautifying is the name of the quest my character received from Bamboo Village Resident Paodo. It's an extremely easy quest that has something to do with pearls and clams.

Aiding And Abeautifying Quest » Pearls For Paodo In Blade And Soul

While at Bamboo Village, my character talked to Bamboo Village Resident Paodo to receive the Aiding and Abeautifying Quest. Paodo asked my character to get her some Pearls from Clams found in Bamboo Beach.

My character accepted the quest and immediately went to Bamboo Beach to get the pearls from clams for Paodo. For some reason, Paodo only wanted 3 pearls. She could have asked for more but she only wanted 3 pearls.

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After getting the required number of pearls for clams in Bamboo Beach, my character went back to Bamboo Village and delivered the pearls to Paodo who was patiently waiting for my character to return with the pearls.

My character received 300 XP (experience points) for completing the quest, Aiding and Abeautifying in Blade and Soul.

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