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Love Is A Battlefield Quest » Somai's Secret Admirer In Blade And Soul

Love is a Battlefield is a side quest in Blade and Soul and it's given by Somai who is at Bamboo Lookout. Somai is a female Bamboo Guard.

Love Is A Battlefield Quest » Somai's Secret Admirer In Blade And Soul

Somai, a female Bamboo Guard in Bamboo Lookout has a secret admirer but, unfortunately, her admirer is a member of the Blackram Marauders, a Pirate Gang.

In this quest, Love is a Battlefield, Somai asked my character to find out what game this Blackram Marauder was playing. My character accepted the quest and immediately looked for this Blackram Marauder.

Now, the objective of the quest was to defeat a Blackram Seeker and obtain the Patrol Report which my character did but the Patrol Report was more like a Diary with notes about Somai.

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It was clear from the notes that the Blackram Marauder Pirate was deeply infatuated or even inlove with Bamboo Guard Somai.

Unfortunately, Somai wouldn't have it and asked my character to keep it a secret because if anyone finds out then the other Bamboo Guards will definitely poke fun at her. She didn't want to endure that. LOL!

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