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Clearing The Way Quest » Helping Out Blindman Sim In Blade And Soul

Helping Blindman Sim is the main focus of this quest, Clearing The Way, in Blade and Soul. Why clear the way for Blindman Sim? Simple, he asked. What else? LOL!

Clearing The Way Quest » Helping Out Blindman Sim In Blade And Soul

Blindman Sim wanted to leave Moonshade Cemetery but he can't because he is blind and because of the fact that Forest Wolves are all over the place.

He wanted to go to Stillbrook and he wanted my character to help him by clearing his way of Forest Wolves.

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My character got the quest and he immediately went down the hill, fought and defeated a few Forest Wolves as requested by Blindman Sim.

After clearing the way, my character went back to Blindman Sim and reported the completion of the quest.

This was a very simple quest that involved a few Forest Wolves, Blindman Sim and Moonshade Cemetery in Blade and Soul.

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