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Abigail's Worry, Search For Charlotte Gray In Shroud Of The Avatar Pre-Alpha Release 25

A woman in Soltown named Abigail worries about her daughter, Charlotte Gray, who was, unfortunately, left behind at Solace Bridge when it was attacked.

Abigail's Worry, Search For Charlotte Gray In Shroud Of The Avatar Pre-Alpha Release 25

The quest to find Charlotte Gray started at Soltown and it was given to my avatar by her mother, Abigail. From Soltown, my avatar traveled north to Solace Bridge where Charlotte Gray was left behind.

My avatar had to search the entire area again to find clues or information about Charlotte Gray's location. He searched inside remaining standing house, searched the burnt down houses and even searched the walls for clues or information.

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When my avatar got to where Edvard the Wandering Bard was, he talked to Edvard and learned the girl, Charlotte Gray, was with an Elf. Thinking it was the clue or information needed to complete the quest, my avatar went back to Soltown to report the news to Abigail.

Unfortunately, the news he got from Edvard at Solace Bridge was not the news Abigail wanted to hear. Disappointed but not discouraged, my avatar went back to Solace Bridge to search for more clues.

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