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Abigail's Worry, Charlotte Gray Found In Shroud Of The Avatar Pre-Alpha Release 25

Abigail is a refugee from Solace Bridge who, accidentally, left her daughter, Charlotte Gray, when their home in Solace Bridge was attacked and she is now very worried about her daughter's safety.

Abigail's Worry, Charlotte Gray Found In Shroud Of The Avatar Pre-Alpha Release 25

My avatar had to return to Solace Bridge because the information he got from Edvard the Wanderer was not enough to calm down or satisfy Abigail. I guess, Abigail wants my avatar to actually find Charlotte Gray and not just take any information.

Back at Solace Bridge, my avatar explored the surrounding area. He even swam the oily water and disgusting looking water of Novia. He fought Skeleton Warriors, Awoken Zombies, Wolves and Spiders. Found an inactive Lunar Rift but, eventually, he found where Charlotte Gray.

► Shroud of the Avatar is played online and the server is hosted in North America. Fortunately, Shroud of the Avatar is not region locking or country locking the game but, for those games that are locked to a certain region or country, try using VyprVPN to get around it.

The girl was in a broken house with an Elf named Kiakis. The elf was very friendly and my avatar was able to communicate with Kiakis in peace.

After talking to Kiakis and Charlotte Gray, my avatar immediately went back to Soltown, ignoring all the monsters along the way. When he got back to Soltown, he went and talked to Abigail and told her the news.

Abigail was very happy. She and her husband will immediately go to Solace Bridge to bring their daughter, Charlotte Gray, home.

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