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Does WTFast Work With Blacklight: Retribution?

Does WTFast work with Blacklight: Retribution? If you want to know then read this blog post.

Does WTFast Work With Blacklight: Retribution?

Blacklight Retribution is one of my go to online first person shooting games and I play in the US server. As with most US based games, my lag in Blacklight Retribution is not very good.

To help me with my lag problem, I use WTFast when playing Blacklight Retribution. So, the question now is this. Does WTFast work with Blacklight Retribution? The answer to that question is a big fat YES.

As you can see from the screenshot above, I was able to get about 6% connection improvement. It's a not a big improvement but a 6% improvement is still better than 0%.

So, if you are playing Blacklight Retribution and you are lagging really bad and I mean really bad then try using WTFast. Now, if you are not lagging at all then don't bother using WTFast.

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