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Crazy Pixel Streaker ★ Meet Jhon, Igor, Nina & Maya

Crazy Pixel Streaker, meet the character of the game and they are Jhon, Igor, Nina and Maya.

Crazy Pixel Streaker ★ Meet Jhon, Igor, Nina & Maya

Currently, Crazy Pixel Streaker has four playable characters and they are Jhon, Igor, Nina and Maya. Seriously, these are four of the craziest characters in any game.

Yes, there are many crazy characters but these four are some of the craziest. First, they crash arenas by falling from the sky, jumping from who knows where.

Once of the ground, they run around half-naked, shooting waterguns at security personnels. If that is not crazy enough, they would pick up various weapons from flamethrowers to watermelon guns.

To make it even crazier, they also get to ride a Rainbow Pig. Yes, you heard that right, a Rainbow Pig. Can anything be more crazier?

Anyway, if you guys want to join this crazy crew of crazy pixel streakers then download the demo and play the game.

Download Crazy Pixel Streaker Demo
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