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GTA 5 Pedestrian Riot Mod - Pedestrians Fight Back

GTA 5 Pedestrian Riot Mod, Pedestrians are no longer taking your crap and are now fighting back.

GTA 5 Pedestrian Riot Mod - Pedestrians Fight Back

When the PC version of GTA 5 got released, it opened up the door to a plethora of GTA 5 Mods. Some are good, some are bad, some are funny and some can get you banned from the game.

One of the new ones that came out recently is an awesome GTA 5 Mod called Pedestrian Riot Mod. In this Mod, Pedestrians are literally rioting and they will not take any crap from anybody.

If you want to see what happens when you give an angry mob of people weapons then this Mod will show it to you because Pedestrians in this Mod will spawn with guns and even rocket launchers.

They will not only fight themselves, they will also take you down and kill you if you're not careful. This awesome was made by Trumple and you can get it by clicking its link in the description of the video below or click here.

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