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Age Of Kung Fu - World Of Contenders - Manual Patch

Age Of Kung Fu's World Of Contenders Manual Patch is now available to you guys to download.

Age Of Kung Fu - World Of Contenders - Manual Patch

Guys, for those of you who are playing in the SEA servers of Age Of Wushu or Age Of Wulin called Age Of Kung Fu, you will be happy to know that a Manual Patch for the latest update of the game is now available for download.

Age Of Kung Fu's latest update is called World Of Contenders and it has a lot of new things in it specially for those who loves to test their might against other players.

I'm talking about the Dragon and Tiger Tournament which is a one on one duel that happens on large arenas. There is also the School Rivalry system where you get to participate in a weekly battle between schools.

Anyway guys, I'm not going to make this video very long. The point of the video is this, the Manual Patch is now available, go download it and have fun in Age Of Kung Fu. The link is in the description of the video below or simply click this one,

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