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WTFast Malware / Virus Question, Will WTFast Give You Malware / Virus?

WTFast Malware / Virus Question, does WTFast gives you a Malware / Virus?

WTFast Malware / Virus Question, Will WTFast Give You Malware / Virus?

Okay guys, I discovered this question while browsing through the League Of Legends forum. The question was, would WTFast gives you a virus / malware?

Fortunately, the answer to that question is very simple and that is, NO. WTFast will not give you any kind of malware nor virus and I'm talking about the official WTFast program.

Now, if you are using one of those so called WTFast Cracks then you'll definitely get a lot of malwares / viruses in your computer.

That's why always download WTFast from the official WTFast website and never ever install these so called WTFast Cracks.

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