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Second Life Viewer - Singularity Viewer - Why I Like It

Second Life Viewer, here is why I like the Singularity Viewer.

Second Life Viewer - Singularity Viewer - Why I Like It

Second Life is a 3D virtual world and to view, navigate, explore and do things in this virtual world you'll need a Second Life viewer.

Besides the official Second Life viewer, Second Life has a few third party Second Life viewers and the third party Second Life viewer that I currently like most is the Singularity Viewer.

Is the Singularity Viewer the most advanced or most feature rich third party Second Life viewer? I honestly have no idea but for me it doesn't matter.

What matters most is the fact that the Singularity Viewer lets me enjoy Second Life without over-burdening my computer which I can't do with other third party Second Life viewers.

No matter how much I play with the graphics settings in other third party Second Life viewers, I just can't seem to find the best graphics setting for my computer.

For some reason, I don't have this problem with the Singularity Viewer and that is why I currently like it the most. How about you guys? Which third party Second Life viewer do you currently like the most?

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