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WTFast Free Trial Is Gone Forever - WTFast Advanced, Benefits & More

WTFast Free Trial Is Gone Forever but it's been replaced by something new and something better.

 WTFast Free Trial Is Gone Forever - WTFast Advanced, Benefits & More

In a recent update, WTFast finally removed its Free Trial which means Extending your Free Trial is also no longer possible.

You think this is a bad news? Of course not because WTFast replaced it with something better. Instead of a Free Trial, WTFast now has Free Basic and it's free forever.

The difference between WTFast Free Trial to WTFast Free Basic is this, the need to extend your free use of WTFast is no more.

Just login as a Free Basic User and enjoy the benefits of using WTFast for free forever.

Of course, if you want to take your gaming to the next level then I strongly suggest that you upgrade to WTFast Advanced.

WTFast Advanced will connect you to a much faster network. You'll also get more benefits like Customer Support, Advanced Lag Spike & Disconnect Reduction, No Game Load Time, No Ads and more.

Remember, WTFast Advanced is an optional upgrade. It's for those who are serious about gaming and want to be more competitive or play like a PRO.

WTFAst Free Basic will get you started and give you a better gameplay experience by reducing your game lag but WTFast Advanced will make it even better.

Anyway, the link to download WTFast for free is in the description of the video below or just click here.

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